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1. Outstanding duplex: Two story 2 bedroom with 2.5 baths for $725/month and a $725 security deposit.  2245 S. Meridian St, #2. is located off of Monroe St.  Close to schools and universities.  Washer/dryer with fully equipped kitchen, new carpets and special features mark this special home. Available now.  Call 850.386.6509

2. Wow!  2 bedroom with 2 1/2 baths, Laundry room with washer/dryer, new carpets marks this two story with balcony and patio.  A fully equipped kitchen has a garden window and formal dinning room with fireplace.  1764 Beachwood Circle North is located off of Blairstone and South of the parkway. $800/Month with a $800 security deposit makes this a great value.  Call to view: 850.386.6509. Available now.

3. 2061 Warwick St.  Single family home with fully equipped kitchen and washer/dryer.  $700/Month with a $700 security deposit moves you in.  Fenced yard with large rooms.  3 bedroom with 1 bath is a great value.  Located near FAMU  Call 850.386.6509 to view.

4. 126 Valencia St.: Single family home: 4 bedroom with 2 baths, fireplace for $1000/m.o. and $1000 security deposit.  Yard service is included. available in July'18.  Located off of Tennessee St. and Ocala St. Text 850.386.6509 to view.

5: 4496 Westover: Single family home: 3 bedroom with 2 baths, fireplace and garage. $880/m.o. with an $880 security deposit.  Located off of the I-10 and Capital Circle S.E. Available July'18.  Text 850.386.6509 to view.

6.  Nice town home: 2 bedroom with 2 baths for
$700/M.O. with a $700 security deposit. 2272 Sandpiper St, located off of Tharpe St. and Ocala.  Two story with small fenced yard.  Available now.   Washer/dryer and fully equipped kitchen included: Call to view: 850.386.6509

126 Valencia St.

1764 Beachwood Circle North

2061 Warwick St. $700/M.O